Write a sentence with a compound predicate

Unlike in compound sentencesthese coordinating conjunctions are not preceded by a comma when used in a compound predicate. By understanding the definitions, you will develop a better understanding of the rules of the English language by becoming familiar with various sentence structures, and this will help you improve your grammar so that you will be ready for the GRE exam.

Sharon sings in the shower and washes her hair. So can a sentence.

Sentence Structure: Compound Predicates

Tried to grab his trapeze and missed make up the parts of the compound predicate. A simple predicate is the verb or verb phrase with its objects, modifiers, etc. Call or text me when you get home.

Be aware of errors students make, and discuss again. The performer tried to grab his trapeze but missed. The English language is incredibly complex. This one word will always be a verb. Step 2 The verb remains the same behind a compound subject.

This will at least include a verb or verb phrase. Kina finished her project and went to the science fair. We made greeting cards and wrapped gifts.

Adam lives in Bangor and speaks Welsh. I often study English. This tell us just one thing about the subject Adam. In this sentence "Elizabeth and Victoria" are the compound subjects, while the compound predicate is "caught" and "cooked". Birds fly and lay eggs. Things become a bit more complex when we are introduced to a sentence that has both a compound subject and a compound predicate: You need a compound subject and predicate to describe this.

Predicate Noun Examples

Mary and ALice are the two element that constitute the compound subject,and ate ice cream is the simple predicate. With new shoes, he runs faster and jumps higher. If you write a lot of sentences with a simple subject-and-verb structure, your audience may nod off. Writing sentences with compound subjects and predicates is easier than you may think.

Tips for Writing Sentences With Compound Subjects and Predicates

Although they are similar, there is a simple way to differentiate between the two. We'll begin by looking at definitions of the two, and then some examples to make it clearer. Predicate adjectives modify the subject of the sentence.

Reviewing examples of predicate adjectives is a great way to build your understanding of this important adjective. Nov 10,  · A compound predicate is a predicate with two parts joined by the word and or another conjunction.

What Is a Compound Predicate? (with Examples)

Compound predicates share the same subject. A compound predicate is two or more verbs or verb phrases that share the same subject and are joined by a conjunction. A compound predicate may also include additional words that give more information about the verbs or verb phrases in the sentence.

To identify a compound predicate in a sentence. So, the following sentence is not an example of a compound predicate: Adam lives in Bangor, and he speaks Welsh. (This is a compound sentence. It has two subjects (Adam and he).

Each subject has one simple predicate.) The following sentence is an example of a compound predicate: Adam and his brother live in Bangor and speak Welsh. (The predicate tell us two things about the subject (Adam and his. A compound predicate occurs when the subject in the sentence is doing more than one action and is shared by two or more verbs.

What Is a Compound Predicate? (with Examples)

These verbs are joined by a conjunction, or a connecting word, such.

Write a sentence with a compound predicate
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Tips for Writing Sentences With Compound Subjects and Predicates